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Make a Splash at Your Event with Swedish Fish!

It is a mystery to this day. What is that enticing flavor in the red-colored Swedish Fish gummy candy? Itís unlike any other red gummy or jelly candy in existence, but everybody agrees that itís just lip-smacking delicious. Well, perhaps a little history will turn up a clue. Fish (the swimming kind) are a major part of the popular diet in Sweden, where these luscious little bite-size candies hail from. Malaco, a Swedish confectioner known for making licorice candies, had begun exporting some of its products to North America in 1957. It was a profitable move for the company, so in the late 1960s they began developing and testing new items specifically for their North American market. Swedish Fish was one of their new export brands.
The new molded fish were wine gum candies, meaning they had a firm gummy texture similar to tight gumdrops. And they were available in just one color: red. The flavor was unlike any other candy on the market; Swedish Fish caught on immediately, and of course everyone wanted to know where that wonderful taste came from. The company never let on; popular theory holds that itís probably lingonberry, a small fruit (also called a bush cranberry) native to sub-Arctic regions. Like fish, lingonberry is a popular staple in Scandinavia. But we may never know.

Today, Swedish Fish are made by Cadbury-Adams in Ontario, Canada. If you order bulk Swedish Fish from The Candy Gallery (a good idea, since this is one candy thatís definitely not available everywhere!), theyíll come in an assortment of four colors/flavors: red, orange/orange, yellow/lemon-lime, green/pineapple. Some of your guests will be delighted that you found a good supply and set them out for your event, but it may be that many have never tried them before. This is your chance to wow them, by offering a brilliant assortment of bite-sized candies with unusually vivid flavor. The fruit that flavors the red fish may remain a mystery forever, but the chewy deliciousness of all four colors will be apparent to all!