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Treat Your Guests to America’s Favorite Chewy Candy!

A cubic inch of chewy deliciousness, with a fruit-juicy splash of intense flavor hidden in the center. That’s what makes Starburst soft taffy candies so irresistible, and why the brand has become the number-one chewy candy choice among Americans of all ages. The flavors are unique, and always fresh, because each perfectly bite-sized piece comes individually wrapped in distinctively bright cellophane paper for easy handling on your candy display. Every order of our bulk Starburst candy includes a nice assortment of original colors (red, orange, pink and yellow), and together they create lots of visual appeal for your event. And because of the intense flavors (cherry, orange, strawberry and lemon), a bowlful of Starburst is nothing more than fun waiting to happen!
What gives these luscious little squares their intense flavor? Answer: unlike other fruit chews on the market, which typically have flavor profiles built on just one kind of juice plus other flavorings, Starburst candies are made with a variety of fruit juices. And because the juices are used in making both the soft taffy outer layer and the splashy center, the flavor is more concentrated. It bursts onto the tongue in one long-lasting surge—it’s a real eye-opener!

Starburst candies originated in the United Kingdom, first appearing under the name Opal Fruits in 1960. When they crossed the pond in 1967, the name was changed to Starburst to better reflect the joy of that first bite. They were an immediate hit all across the U.S. Now made by the Wrigley Company, Starburst candies are an important part of the candy display in almost every candy shop, convenience store and supermarket in the country. The good news is that you can buy bulk Starburst candies for your event here at The Candy Gallery, for far less than you’d pay at retail stores. Want to keep your guests smiling throughout your event? Be sure to include a generous supply of Starburst in your candy spread!