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Nothing Beats Authentic Sour Patch Gel Candies For Out-and-Out Fun!

Part sweet, part sour and 100% addictive, real Sour Patch candies give you a unique and fun way to liven up any party. Whether used in a wedding candy buffet or as part of a theme-party spread, these unique little candies always go fast. If you’re looking for amusement, watch your guests as they experience their first taste of Sour Patch Kids. Their startled eyes fly open wide as the initial jolt of the sour sandy finish catches their tongue, and then it happens: a delighted smile slowly plays across their features as the sweet fruity flavor of the gel candy takes hold. It’s classic entertainment for both you and your guests, and no other candy can deliver that kind of fun.
Original Sour Patch Kids CandyAs low as: $3.66/lb.
Sour Patch Apples CandyAs low as: $3.66/lb.
Sour Patch Cherries CandyAs low as: $3.66/lb.
Sour Patch Fruit Mix CandyAs low as: $3.66/lb.
Sour Patch Peaches CandyAs low as: $3.66/lb.
What’s amazing is that the signature Sour Patch “pucker power” works equally well with so many different fruit flavors. Sour Patch Apples are all pretty green, and taste amazingly sweet and wonderfully tart all at once. Sour Patch Cherries are a vibrant dusky red; their juicy sweet flavor is offset by a distinctly strong finish. Sour Patch Peaches have that deep yellow-red color that goes perfectly with the rich peachy flavor of the gel candy, while the sandy coating will get your attention immediately. And for those who want to go all out, we offer the ultra-colorful Sour Patch Fruit Mix packed with 5 delicious fruit flavors—lemon, orange, cherry, lime and grape—all with that wonderful sour-sand coating.

When your special event comes around, insist on the real thing. Serve your guests Original Sour Patch candies, and let the fun begin!