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Pucker Up and Enjoy the Unique Flavors of Our Sour Candy Selections!

It’s amazing. Who ever would have guessed that “sweet” and “sour” could make such beautiful music together? But it’s true—there’s really nothing quite so exciting as the taste of the sour candies available from The Candy Gallery. Should you pucker your lips, or lick them? You never really know for sure, but one thing is certain: serve our sweet and sour candy at your event, and your guests will be talking about it for years to come! Whether you set out a selection of Original Sour Patch candy or our new Sour Gummy Bears, they’ll definitely remember every bite—from the jolt that comes with that first taste of the sour sandy coating, to the intense fruity sweetness of the interior. Delicious!
Original Sour Patch Kids CandyAs low as: $3.66/lb.
Sour Patch Apples CandyAs low as: $3.66/lb.
Sour Patch Cherries CandyAs low as: $3.66/lb.
Sour Patch Fruit Mix CandyAs low as: $3.66/lb.
Sour Patch Peaches CandyAs low as: $3.66/lb.
Sour Patch candy has been tantalizing taste buds for many years. From the original Sour Patch Kids to the newer Sour Patch peach, cherry and assorted “fruit” bites, these 100% fat-free, low-sodium jellied candies appeal to both kids and adults alike. Their vibrant colors and delicious popularity make sour candies an ideal choice for weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, graduations, office sharing, and get-togethers of every kind.

Sweet, tart, fruity, chewy, colorful, fresh and uniquely delicious—our wonderful sour candies are far enough from the expected norm, that they’re sure to make any occasion memorable. You’ll find the price to be very easy on your budget too, so why not add a sour candy selection or two to your candy buffet? We promise you’ll be glad you did, and so will your guests!