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Rich, Authentic Old World Flavors to Delight Your Guests!

As the world awakens to another beautiful spring day in Sorrento, Italy, the scent of lemon blossoms hangs heavy in the air. There is no escaping the delightful aroma—it’s everywhere—nor would you want to. The heavenly scent of fresh citrus haunted Sorrento native Vincenzo Sconza’s memories long after he came to Oakdale, California in search of a better life. When he and his wife opened their tiny candy kitchen to sell their homemade peanut brittle in 1939, little did they suspect that it would grow to become one of America’s top confectionery companies. And true to his wistful memories, Mr. Sconza eventually perfected his recipe for Lemoncello Almonds and began offering them to his enthusiastic customers.
Today, there really isn’t any doubt about it: these brilliantly-colored Sconza Lemoncellos are simply the finest available. At the heart of each delicious candy is a fresh roasted, crunchy California almond covered in a layer of premium white chocolate; a deep yellow, lemon-cream flavored smooth candy shell provides the crowning touch. Its sweetly decadent flavor will remind you of a fresh lemon cupcake with almond buttercream frosting—sensational! If you’re looking for wedding candy (or a beautiful treat for any occasion) that will truly impress your guests, this is it!

Through our relationship with the Sconza Candy Company, The Candy Gallery is pleased to offer you bulk Lemoncello Almonds in quantities you’d have a tough time finding elsewhere. No matter how large or small your upcoming special event, you can stay within your budget and still serve the finest, freshest Sconza Lemoncello Almonds in the land—a rare treat for your guests, and a smart decision on your part!