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Necco—The Name Behind Some of the World’s Most Popular Candies

You may not be familiar with the company’s name, even though it’s been operating continuously since 1847, but odds are that you’ve enjoyed their fine products—probably on many occasions! Necco is short for the New England Confectionery Company, makers of some of the world’s most iconic and beloved candies. Their SweetHearts®, also known as Conversation Hearts, have probably been a featured part of more than one Valentine’s Day celebration in your life. The delicious little heart-shaped sugar lozenges with the catchy sayings (such as “I Love You” and “Hug Me”) have been expressing our feelings for generations, and of course would make the perfect addition to your wedding day candy selection!
Necco Conversation Candy HeartsAs low as: $2.92/lb.
Mary Jane CandyAs low as: $2.92/lb.
Squirrell Nut ZippersAs low as: $2.92/lb.
Necco’s round lozenges known as Canada Mints have long been the most popular mint candies in North America. First introduced in Canada in the 1880s, they’re cool, refreshing and delicious—the perfect after-dinner mints. You’ll find that the three iconic colors (pale green for spearmint, white for peppermint, and pink for wintergreen) add interest to any candy buffet, and your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness for including them.

Here at The Candy Gallery, you’ll also find many favorite old-time penny candy selections, including Necco’s Mary Janes—always a popular choice for nostalgic celebrations. No chocolate here; these addictively delicious bite-sized bars owe their amazing flavor to a rich combination of molasses and peanut butter. They were first made in Boston in 1914. Chances are, many of your guests will say (gratefully, with more than a trace of mist in their eyes) that it’s been decades since they last got their hands on an authentic Mary Jane. Best of all, when you get your Necco candies from The Candy Gallery, you know they’ll be uniformly fresh and delicious. And that makes all the difference.