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Your Guests Will Like Mike & Ike!

Mike and Ike have been bringing personality and great taste to the jelly candy scene for more than 70 years. Everybody loves these guys, and your guests will too—despite the fact that neither Mike nor Ike actually exist. In fact, no one at the Just Born Candy Company in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania can recall where the idea for the characters came from, or how they got their names. All they can tell you is that when Just Born introduced Mike & Ike Jelly Candy in 1940, it’s possible that the name came from a popular song of the day, or a 1930s vaudeville act, or an internal naming contest, or a dream. So while we’ll probably never know the story behind the brand, there’s one thing everybody can agree on: this stuff is delicious!
These colorful little cylinders are just the right size for filling your candy dishes, and the five mixed colors that come in every assortment will be a welcome and appealing sight for your guests. Each color corresponds to a signature flavor: deep red/cherry, light red/strawberry, yellow/lemon, orange/orange, and green/lime.

Mike & Ike jelly candy is made with real fruit juice, so each piece has a wonderfully clean, tangy flavor. It’s the same candy that the drugstores used to sell, so everyone in attendance can anticipate a chewy, great-tasting, fun-to-eat treat with every scoop. Elegant enough for a formal candy buffet, yet equally perfect for a Cub Scouts get-together, our bulk Mike & Ike candy is a great choice for your upcoming event, and for your budget too. Give your guests something they’ll really like—bulk Mike & Ike jelly candy from The Candy Gallery!