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Hershey’s — America’s Oldest and Best-Loved Candy Brand!

Think milk chocolate, and what pops into your mind? Most likely, your thought process went something like this: (1) Mmmmm. (2) Hershey’s. (3) I want some now! It all happened in an instant, and now you’re craving chocolate (sorry), but at least we’ve established one thing: Hershey’s is the first and foremost name in chocolate. In fact, you’re not likely to find anyone who doesn’t know the Hershey name or love its products! That’s why all-time Hershey’s brand favorites like Hershey’s Kisses, York Peppermint Patties, and even old-fashioned Good & Plenty Licorice Pastels make such wonderful treats to serve at your event. For your convenience, you’ll find them all here at The Candy Gallery—delicious, top-quality Hershey’s candies, fresh and affordably priced, and ready to delight your guests to no end with their iconic flavor and packaging.
York Peppermint PattiesAs low as: $4.69/lb.
Good & Plenty Licorice PastelsAs low as: $2.99/lb.
Hershey KissesAs low as: $4.69/lb.
Hershey’s is the best-known American candy brand. It all goes back to the mid-1890’s, when candymaker Milton Hershey came up with a new process that enabled him to coat his confections with milk chocolate. The chocolaty flavor proved so popular that by 1900 the coating became a candy bar on its own. The original Hershey Bar was born, and snacking would never be the same again.

It wasn’t long (1907) before the original milk chocolate Hershey’s Kisses, those delicious foil-wrapped morsels that everybody loves, came along. York Peppermint Patties, with their rich dark chocolate layered over a cool minty center, made since 1940, joined the Hershey family in 1988. And Hershey’s began producing those plenty-good Good & Plenty licorice candies, America’s oldest candy brand (since 1893), in the 1990’s. Imagine the fun you can have with bowls of these iconic treats-in-a-box on hand, with someone channeling old Choo-Choo Charlie for the Train Dance. No doubt about it:appy times and happy guests call for America’s most-loved candy brand…Hershey’s!