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The Original, and Still the Best: Haribo Gummy Treats!

At The Candy Gallery, we want to help make your event a resounding success. That’s why, whenever possible, we offer only the top brands in any given candy category. No matter what it takes to seek out the very best, our customers deserve nothing less. Haribo Gummy Bears are a good example, because you won’t have to look very long and hard to realize that there are a lot of imitators out there in Gummy Candy Land. The amazing success of the company’s Gold Bears, which were the first gummies available and hit the market in Germany in 1922, brought plenty of imitators out of the woodwork. But as in most things, the original is still the best, as any well-tuned set of taste buds will tell you!
Original Haribo Gold Gummy BearsAs low as: $3.82/lb.
Hans Riegel, the candymaker who invented the original “Haribo Gold-Bears Gummi Candy,” would be both amazed and proud to see the legendary status that his soft treats have attained. Everybody loves them, probably because the fruity flavors are as vibrant and delicious today as they were when the first gummies rolled off the line nearly 100 years ago. Unlike many of the imitators, Haribo gummy bears are made with real fruit juice and have the perfect chewy consistency; they’re unique, nostalgic, fun to eat and truly tasty.

Order your bulk gummy bears from The Candy Gallery, and you’ll receive fresh, delicious original Haribo Gold Bears in their official five-color flavor assortment: yellow/lemon, orange/orange, red/raspberry, white/pineapple and green/strawberry. In other words, the flavors your guests grew up with! And buying in bulk helps keep your costs under control (always a good thing). So whether you’re planning a wedding reception, kids’ party or an office gala, why not serve the best? Set out authentic Haribo gummy candy, and watch it disappear quickly!