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Elegant Treats from America’s Oldest Family-Owned Chocolate Maker

You won’t find many companies that have managed to stay in one family for nearly 150 years, with each generation passing on its passion and knowledge to the next and enhancing the company’s reputation for quality through every age. Guittard Chocolates is one of those American success stories. Established in wild, woolly post-gold rush San Francisco in 1868, Guittard is famous for its elegant fine chocolate creations. In its time the company has introduced such innovations as chocolate truffles, white chocolate chips, and the sweet stone-ground chocolate that became the inspiration for today’s mocha beverages. Originally founded by a French candymaker, Guittard today continues the old tradition of making its confections, including the luscious mint-flavored nonpareil candy offered here, in small batches in order to maintain the highest quality.
Petite Smooth and Melty Non Pareil Mint ChocolatesAs low as: $4.49/lb.
Smooth and Melty Non Pareil Mint ChocolatesAs low as: $4.49/lb.
They actually have intrepid buyers who scour the tropics, seeking out new strains of chocolate and working with small family farms to develop the richest varieties in the world. While the Guittard Smooth N Melty bulk nonpareils we carry are not traditional chocolates, they are produced with the same attention to detail, which is what makes them so incredibly good. We guarantee you’ll never regret including them in your wedding candy assortment!

Beneath those pretty pastel colors, a fascinating taste experience awaits. The Smooth N Melty brand name is aptly chosen! Each minty delicacy has a unique silky texture that really does seem to just melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more. Its minty essence is refreshingly delicious without being overpowering, and the extra crunch of the nonpareils at the bottom of each drop simply adds to the fun. And of course, the colors and obvious quality make them perfect for weddings, receptions, and theme parties. For your convenience, here at The Candy Gallery we always have bulk Guittard nonpareils available to make planning your event easy and economical!