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Chocolate Espresso Beans: Eye-Opening Flavor!

Amid the hustle and bustle of New York, those who look closely will find a city-wide fascination with a little candy that many folks have never tasted. Chocolate covered espresso beans are simply all the rage here. Their flavor—that proven combination of rich, dark espresso and premium chocolate, backed by the most wonderful crunch—is almost addictive, and yes, most folks will get a little burst of energy from the bean in the center. Which just makes these chocolate espresso beans a most amazing snack, as well as an immensely popular choice for the candy table at weddings and receptions. Better yet, when you order from the Candy Gallery, you can be sure you’re serving your guests the finest and freshest chocolate covered espresso beans available, because we make all of our delicious varieties right here in our own candy kitchens.

Our most popular single-flavor variety is the traditional Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans, but we offer a number of other flavors with equally wide appeal. In all cases we use only the freshest estate-quality beans—either premium Arabica or certified Kona—and slow-roast them to a hearty, full-flavored crunchiness. Each deeply aromatic bean then receives a generous coating of premium chocolate, freshly made on-site. Whether you serve our Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans or one of our other amazing varieties, the freshness and robust flavor ensure that that your guests will find love at first bite, every time.

Quality you can trust; flavor that’s impossible to forget. The Candy Gallery is your source for the finest chocolate covered espresso beans available anywhere, in the quantity you need and at a price you can afford. If you’ve never tasted this unique snack item before, we suggest you first try a pound of our NYC Espresso Beans Mix, as it contains all of our most popular flavors. Then, once you’ve sampled them all, simply order the one that best fits your fancy. What could be easier?